Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Christmas Contemplations

I realize this blog is fairly dormant, but I'll at least use it to host an online version of our end of year update and some family pictures....and maybe get back to blogging some day.  And if you're just here for the pictures, scroll down :)

1.  The word "advent" means the arrival (coming) of a notable person or event.  As Christians we have a season of Advent each year before Christmas, a season to really prepare our hearts to celebrate the coming of Christ.  An advent devotional I read this year said something along the lines of...because Christ came into the world and into our lives, we can come into the lives of others reflecting His love, grace, hope, truth and peace.  That is my prayer and deep hope for our family as we go into a new year.  The birth of Christ, and then His perfect life, death and resurrection made a way for us to know God!  I pray that in new and deeper ways we will love knowing, walking with and serving others in ways that reflect Christ.

2.  One dictionary definition of "mobilization" or "to mobilize" is to bring people together for action.  At World Orphans we're in the process of expanding our understanding and definition of Mobilization to be more than just short-term trips.  We desire to see people mobilized, brought together for action, on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children.  While trips will continue to be a very important and integral part of our church partnership model, I am so excited to cast vision for the church in the US to be moved to action on behalf of vulnerable children as a way of life.  There are many, many vulnerable children in the US and many ways for the church (and individuals) to do really practical things to see those children cared for in families.  And for the even greater number of vulnerable children around the world, it is very possible to take action right where you are and make a global impact.  May you find great joy in taking action on behalf of the vulnerable both at home and around the world....I would love to chat with about what that looks like.  See below for things you can do today!
As there is obvious overlap between what is on my heart personally and at World Orphans, I am continually grateful for my position with World Orphans that allows me to work hard for a cause I'm passionate about.

Another topic for gratitude that is always on my heart and mind but I don't always write about is the funding for my role at World Orphans.  In addition to the love, prayers and encouragement that are invaluable to our lives, I am so humbled by the sacrificial financial giving to World Orphans on my behalf that allows me to do my job.  Thankfully my support is currently in a healthy place.  I had a few monthly partners who had to stop giving in 2016.  Any one time gifts at the end of the year would help make up that difference, and if you feel lead to consider monthly giving in 2017 I would love to chat and or you can click HERE.  

Thanksgiving 2016

Next 3...December 2016

And from earlier this year.....

Porch picnic

Jazmine's 5th Birthday, July 2016.

First day of preschool, Aug 2016.  
They are at the same place this year, 2 days a week.  
Jazmine will start Kindergarden in July 2017.

Jazmine discovered a love for ballet this year (and Nadra just always wants to do what Jazmine does), looking forward to seeing where that goes.

Our 12th anniversary, Sept, 2016.

Nadra's 2nd birthday, Sept 2016.

If you're reading this, we pray this finds you well - hope we can connect in 2017!

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